Swimmer finds Yodel delivery van submerged in high tide with driver waiting nearby

Swimmer finds Yodel delivery van submerged in high tide with driver waiting nearby

A wild swimmer was left scratching their head when she came across a delivery van submerged in water while taking a dip.

Vicky Moran found the Yodel van on Saturday on the Aveton Gifford tidal road, near Kingsbridge, Devon.

During high tide, the road completely floods and when Mrs Moran went out for a swim said she saw the delivery driver sitting on a bench.

The van was submerged with just its top half sticking out of the water.

It reportedly remained there for some time, Devon Live reports.

Mrs Moran said: “The driver was sat on a bench seemingly waiting for the water to recede. We sent a lady on a boat to offer him a ride to dry land. Apparently, he still had parcels to deliver in the van.

“You should never go as close to high tide as he did but people get caught out all of the time. It was also a very high spring tide which was why I’d chosen that particular night to swim.”

Earlier this year we reported how a car became submerged in the sea by the incoming tide.

Lifeboat volunteers, coastguard officers and members of the public raced to save the vehicle.

The image showed the stranded vehicle with the water covering the bonnet as the waterline creeps around the windshield and side mirrors near Llandudno.

Rescue crews did their best to save the car, but it could not be saved, DailyPost reports.

Llandudno’s inshore lifeboat Dr Barbara Saunderson was taken away from a training exercise in Llandudno Bay when the alarm was raised.

The lifeboat team was called in to assist the coastguard after the vehicle became submerged in the water due to the tide.

The vehicle was at Porth Eirias, Colwyn Bay when the tide came in.

The incoming tide submerged the car despite the best efforts from the lifeboat crew and the coastguard team.

RNLI crew member Luke Heritage said: “Regrettably we could not achieve a recovery but did leave a marker buoy as a navigational aid for a submerged hazard.”

It is unclear who the unlucky owner is, but no injuries were reported.